Share Your Message With Our Newlyweds Consistently & At The Right Time


Email 12,000 Newlyweds a Month!

Gain National Exposure, Website Traffic, and Branding

Approximately *12,000 Newlywed Couples Will Receive Your Message Each Month

*3,000 will be receiving your first message

*3,000 couples will be receiving your second message

*3,000 couples will be receiving your third message

*3,000 couples will be receiving your fourth message

*Number of couples will be more or less based on how many weddings there were over previous 4 months.

Benefits of Our Newlywed Program

Targeting & Timing

Approximately 3,000 registered WeddingVibe couples get married each month.

We will share your Email with them at the correct time in relation to their specific wedding date.

Consistency & Repetition

Your message will be sent to the same newlywed couple at least 4 times while they are beginning their new married life together.  This gives them time to think about and be reminded of your services over several months.

Exclusive Sponsorship

We only allow one sponsor of your type of business to be in our Newlywed program.  You will not be competing with other similar business types.

How It Works

Your message gets sent to our newlyweds four times at the correct time during their new married life together.

Here is an example of how it works (your exact schedule can be customized):

  • Your First message is sent 3 weeks after they are married
  • Your Second message is sent 4 weeks after previous message
  • Your Third message is sent 5 weeks after previous message
  • Your Fourth message to that newlywed couple is sent 6 weeks after previous message

Feel free to supply 4 different messages or just have us send the same one 4 times.

Successful Emails We've Sent for Our Sponsors Recently

Association of Bridal Consultants
Gown Preservation


E-Blast Newlywed Program

$499.00 Monthly
  • Aproximately 12k Newlyweds will see your message each month (exact number based on how many weddings there were previous 4 months)
  • You decide the content
  • Dedicated Eblast for your business only
  • Email creation and set-up assistance
  • One business per category is allowed in newlywed program (no competitors of yours)
  • No long term contracts or obligations (recommend giving it at least 6 months)

Check Availability to Join Our Newlywed Program

We limit our program to only one business type of each category. 

Fill out the quick form below and we will check the availability for your business type.

If your business type is already taken, please ask about our waiting list.

  • Examples: Photo books, Thank You Cards, Insurance, Financial Help, Gown Cleaning
  • Example: 3 weeks after they are married